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  • Your target markets and the target end user (if different from customer)
  • Your business model and the unit economics
  • Any channel partner(s) your will use to offer this
How does your product or service enable your customer to obtain more value at a lower cost than competing alternatives? If possible, describe how the unit economics support this.
Please include your technology readiness level if you know it. In any case please describe the status of product/service development and upcoming milestones you feel are most important.
Specify level of commitment: ranging from expression of interest, to written commitments, to trial sales, market sales, or long term purchase agreements.
List active team members, whether or not they are working on the company/project full time, and their relevant skills and experience. Pls add Linkedin Profiles or CVs for all persons you deem as key team members. Explain how the team was formed and why everyone is on board. List advisors and specify how they are valuable to this effort and how actively they engage.
Are there additional value propositions or environmental benefits from your product or service? Does the success of scaling your innovation depend on changes to laws or regulations? How will you mitigate any key risks to your business's success?
Please describe what motivates you to do what you do and your thoughts on responsibility, equality and diversity. If you prefer not to fill out this section and/or think your track record and initiative speak for themselves, don’t feel obliged to comment, of course.

Financing information

What is the total amount of capital you will need to raise (as equity or convertible debt) between now and the point in time when your business is acquired or is self sufficient?
We invest in early-stage companies with valuations appropriate for their current stage of technology development and market growth potential.

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Please provide a link that points directly to a downloadable document or to a publicly accessible directory that contains such a document. A link to your website or to a form where access may be requested is not sufficient. A link to a single .pdf file is strongly preferred.

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